• arymetore

Music City Series #2 Results

Congratulations to all our fencers who competed at the Music City Series event #2! Was certainly some tough and fun competition against fencers from all over the south and midwest. Fencers from Illinois to Georgia were there, making for a great mix of fencers.

Donovan Grimwood placed 33rd in Senior Open Mixed Epee and 42 in Senior Open Mixed Foil (first time competing in foil). Both events were A2 rated. Devin Namynanik placed 23rd and Joseph Elbon placed 26th in Senior Div III Epee (a C2 rated event). This was Devin's second tournament and Joseph's first. Ron Wilson placed 29th in Senior Div III Mixed foil, a D1 rate event. Though he has been fencing with Music City Fencing for a while, he still claims us as his primary club.

Here's to a great weekend of fencing and learning from the experience!


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