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Wrap up for the Fall semester and looking forward to the next!

So the Fall semester has wrapped up and we hope that all enjoyed the continuation of classes. I think this semester has been much smoother than this time last year when we were just learning how to operate independently from NCE. We've managed to continue Beginner classes with 8 new fencers being introduced to fencing. Of those, at least 6 of them continued on for at least a semester in the Intermediate fencing. We wrapped up the semester with 10 Intermediate fencers in the Winter semester, our largest group of registered fencers this year. We also want to thank the Basketball group for their continued support as we have cooperate with them to make sure they have a place to play and have fun and they have the numbers to support both classes. We hope that their group continues to stay strong and look forward to continue the cooperative agreement in 2023.

The next semester will begin on January 11th and run through March 1st. Please be aware that if there is inclement weather that causes MNPS to close, we will have to cancel classes as well. Joining the Facebook group would likely be the easiest method to keep up with any last minute cancellations, but keep in mind that if you hear on the news that schools are closed, we will be too (since we are fencing in a MNPS school).

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