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Tennessee Division Fencing and clubs

Cumberland D'Escrime (CDE) is not the only club in Tennessee. Below are links to the United States Fencing Association (USFA), the Tennessee Division of Fencing website that contains a wealth of information about the sport, and local area clubs. 

United States Fencing Association (USFA) - The National Governing Board for the sport of fencing in the USA.

Tennessee Division of Fencing - the state division under the USFA 

Nashville Academy of Fencing: Several classes throughout the week, including youth classes

Nashville Elite Fencing Club: Offers youth classes as well as a focus on competitions

Williamson County Fencing Club: Multiple coaches offering youth classes and camps

Murfreesboro Fencing Club: Located in Smyrna. Shares coaches with Williamson County Fencing Club.

Middle Tennessee State University Fencing Club: Associated with MTSU and open to students of MTSU

Lighthouse Christian School: Private High School club. See TN Division page for contact information.

Fencing Resources

In addition to resources for other clubs, a common question is where to get gear or USFA memberships. Here are links for some of these resources. In terms of links to companies selling gear, CDE only offers these as a convenience and does not particularly endorse any one company over another.

USFA Membership - Recent changes to USFA membership provides multiple levels. Yearly Access membership is included with the first  

                                semester of each season (July to June) that one fences with Cumberland D'Escrime and allows for one to compete

                                in local tournaments. Competitive membership is required for regional/USFA sponsored tournaments.

AskFRED - Fencing Results and Events Database used for local club tournament listings and preregistrations. 

Below are links to some suggested companies that are noted suppliers of fencing equipment:

Absolute Fencing Gear

Blue Gauntlet Fencing Gear

Leon Paul USA

Alliance Fencing Equipment

The Fencing Post

Radical Fencing

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