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Coming back for real now... I hope

So, looking back, the last post was over a year ago. Sorry that I am so bad about adding to the blog. However, I do finally have some good news after a year of different issues. Aside from the pandemic in general, the biggest issue has been the dissolution of Nashville Community Education. As of the end of June 2021, NCE was no longer in operation. This left us without a venue or administrative support. Just this week though, I received word that our facility use request for returning to Cohn was approved. There is still the next step of figuring out what the costs for the facility use will be, how to do registrations, how to get everyone signed up with USFA if they haven't already, and if we'd have space to store the gear there again. But... those are all in the next steps and I've already reached out to Cohn to discuss them. So... hopefully sooner rather than later, we can get back to fencing at Cohn.

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