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2020 Spring Semester coming up!

Registration for the new semester is open now! I encourage all fencers coming to register early, especially if you are going to be fencing with us on Wednesdays. We almost lost that class last semester due to so few registrations. I understand that schedules might not allow Wednesdays, but then some schedules don't allow Mondays. And of course if you really want to, sign up for both! Gives you more opportunities to fence and hone your skill.

For those that are planning to compete at the Music City Series #2, be sure to have your registration with USFA in. This is a requirement for fencing at the tournament. Also, full gear is needed: plastron, jacket, knickers, long socks, mask (appropriate for weapon), glove (again appropriate for weapon. saber is the only one with a specialized glove). Two body cords and two weapons are also needed, but I can supplement you from the club gear for epee and foil. Lames would also be needed for foil and saber. Go to to register.

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