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2020 Cumberland D'Escrime Spring Challenge is coming!

Yeah, I need to remember I have a blog section of the website to post stuff on. Sorry! But March 21st is the 2020 Cumberland D'Escrime Spring Challenge! The tournament is the first one that Cumberland D'Escrime has hosted in several years (I think the last one was 2009). We will be at the Cohn Adult Learning Center in the main gym (where we usually hold classes so see the map on the bottom of the main page). Doors will open at 9 am, though you can likely get in prior to that as I'll be setting up starting at 8 am. Events are Open Senior Mixed Epee, Div III Senior Mixed Epee, and Open Senior Mixed Foil. We will have directors from Music City Fencing providing professional and trained refereeing. I want to thank Music City Fencing they have been very supportive of us and fencing throughout the state. Watch this spot for updates and pictures from the tournament!

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