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Cumberland D'Escrime Fencing provides publicly available fencing classes with the goal to provide a fun, relaxed atmosphere for people interested in experiencing the sport of fencing in an inexpensive manner. We also encourage those wanting to really hone their skills to continue with our Intermediate/Advanced courses! We only offer group classes for beginners and general open sparring for the Intermediate/Advanced courses. However, anyone with experience in the group is willing to work with you one-on-one during our overall classes on particular skills.

The Spring semester will begin March 29th, 2023, with both Beginner and Intermediate/Advanced classes being offered. Registration will open March 1st for the Spring Semester. Classes will be on Wednesday nights only starting at 5:30 pm. To register, please follow the links and directions below. Please note that we will be following the MNPS calendar, which may mean classes would be canceled in the event of inclement winter weather. To come join us, park in the central parking area off of 48th Avenue N. The doors will be propped open for students to enter. Fencing will be held in the alternate gym on the left as you come up the stairs. 

For those in the Basketball classes, please follow the information as if registering for Intermediate/Advanced fencing. Or work with Tony to register and send in class fees.

Beginning Fencing

This course is designed for those new to the sport of fencing or perhaps those that haven't been an active fencer for a while and may need to brush up on their basic skills. Equipment is provided as part of the course! The basics of movement, attack, defense, right-of-way, and tactics as related to foil fencing are taught over an 8 week structured course. Following the structured course, students can continue to hone their skills in open sparring and potentially try epee or saber (based on instructor evaluation). Beginning fencing meets on Wednesdays form 5:30 to 6:30 pm in the Alternate gym of The Cohn School. Cost is $70 for the semester.  The Winter Semester will begin January 11. Those that have been through the Beginner class or have experience are encouraged to join our Intermediate/Advanced course.

Please use the registration form found to the right and use either Venmo or Paypal to submit class fees (per information to the right).


To sign-up for classes, please click one of the buttons below. for class fees. Be sure to include your email address and name in the comments (or email me following sending in class fees) for either PayPal or Venmo. (to @Donovan-Grimwood). As we are a registered non-profit, we are classifying class payments as donations. Checks or cash are also accepted at class.  Also please open the PDF file, which will be the current USFA registration form. USFA registration is included in class fees for the first class you take in a year.  Either bring the form with you or email to me at

Beginner classes

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Intermediate/Advanced pay ahead (full year/3 semesters)

For those that want to pay for a full year (3 semesters) ahead of time

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General Donations

For general donations, regardless of if you are signing up for a class or not. Just wanted to offer this option.

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Registration form for all classes
(note that signature block may not appear if opened via browser. Download and open with Adobe Reader if this occurs)

Intermediate/Advanced Fencing

Intermediate/Advanced fencing builds upon the skills learned in beginning fencing. Primarily, students will engage in open sparring, learning from more experienced fencers in a one-on-one basis with each other or the primary instructor as available. All three weapons are fenced as students refine their techniques and tactics. Tournament preparation is also available with the use of electronic scoring. Personal equipment is encouraged, but not required (please let me know if you require gear as we no longer have gear on hand, but it can be brought as needed). Intermediate/Advanced fencing meets on Wednesdays from 5:30 to 7:30 pm in the main gym at The Cohn School. Cost is $50 per semester. 

If you have not submitted a registration form for the year (July to June fencing season), please do so (found to the left). Also, please submit class fee prior to class via either Venmo or Paypal using the information to the left.

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Welcome to Cumberland D'Escrime Fencing

About Cumberland D'Escrime Fencing

Cumberland D'Escrime Fencing has been a part of the Nashville Community Education program for over 20 years. Currently, we are still operating at Cohn, but without NSC support. Our goal continues to be to provide a safe, fun, relaxed place for both beginning and experienced fencers to fence. We also aim to provide quality instruction at a very low cost to the student, especially to those just beginning in the sport or wanting to experience the fun of fencing.

Get in Touch

To get in touch with Cumberland D'Escrime, please use:

To contact the instructor, Donovan Grimwood, email is preferred. Please use either: or
You can also contact Donovan at 615-613-2034

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